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Merch Review: Introvert T-Shirt


Merch Review: Introvert T-Shirt

There seems to be a bit more suspense and higher stakes in certain parts with the movie. Perhaps that is what it is. Plus, Danny DeVito is fantastic.

Stanley Cat is a snappish cat – and when he’s like that… he’s out on the mat! He’s a contrary, defiant, sneaky, troublesome, calamitous, scratchy cat! BUT… he is also angelic {prrrrrr}. Sound like a cat you know? Stanley Cat is a cat who gets into trouble for doing “cat things”. He glares at the finches, catnaps on a jet-black coat, lets a mouse into the house, coughs up a sticky fur ball, wrecks Mum’s knitting and sharpens his claws on our antique drawers! BUT… he is also ticklish and kittenish. He purrs when you tickle his tummy and ultimately, like all cats, inspires unconditional love {prrrrrr}


These books about Stanley cat are really cute. We also got Stanley Cat’s Secret Dream, which Madeline actually seems to favor. {It’s about all the different jobs Stanley Cat dreams of doing, incorporating colors into each as well, which is quite clever, I think}. The stories are cute, and the rhymes definitely stick in your head, which I think is good when kids are starting to learn to read {though we aren’t there quite yet}.

The one thing that tripped me up was that occasionally the words that should have rhymed didn’t, or the pattern of the rhyme changed. But a couple of these might be a difference in how we speak the words, as these are books published in Australia and I am decidedly not Australian.

This doesn’t seem to bother Madeline, of course. She constantly hands me these books so I can read them to her, and really enjoys pointing to the cat on every page! Overall, I am pleased with these books, and enjoy reading them to her.

Baby Ratings

  • Tear & Fold Resistance: 6/10
  • Font Readability: 10/10
  • Baby Engagement: 9/10
  • Mommy Engagement: 8/10


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