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Drop and Give Me Nerdy started off as a personal writing blog originally named Witty Title Here. I had little success finding the motivation to talk about my writing journey, but I was always making notes of my favorite quotes as I read books and was desperate to discuss them with fellow book nerds. (This was long before bookstagram existed). That’s when I decided to make the switch and start writing reviews about the books I read. These simple, spoiler-free, rating-free reviews were written as if I was having a chat with a friend about the latest book I had read, and I happened to have it on me to show them all my favorite parts. That was in 2012. Through all the rest of the ups and downs in my personal life, ebbs and flows of my creative life, the review blog was a constant. And it grew with me.

In 2015, our daughter Madeline was born. This was the perfect excuse to add a new section to my blog: picture book reviews! Much like I did so many years before, I had the urge to share my favorite picture books with other book moms, and so I added picture book reviews! About the same time, my husband and I launched Nerdy Post, our fandom subscription box, which grew our collective Instagram audiences to over 100k followers in less than a year. As I became more ingrained in the bookstagram community and the blog grew in content and purpose, publishers, authors, and companies started to take notice. I had become one of those fancy influencer types!

The growth has continued into 2019, including my interests, our family (welcome, daughter #2, Maren), and our family’s plans for the future. So my husband and I have teamed up once again to allow the blog to grow into its next stage, taking into consideration our nerdy business and our community of book lovers. The blog can no longer be called a blog. It is a full-fledged review site dedicated to nerdy bookishness. I, along with my friends and fellow contributors, aim to bring you a well-rounded and diverse offering of reviews on not only books, (where we will cover as many genres as we can lay our hands on), but nerdy merch, nerd/bookish-centric subscription boxes, and more! We will also feature spotlights and interviews from authors as well as others with affiliation to the book and nerd industry. The goal is essentially what is has been since the humble beginning: experience the book or the toy or the clothing or the box… and then rave about it to my nerdy, bookish friends so you can experience and appreciate it along with me! It’s a place to geek out together!

How do you have time to review so many books?

Even though this started as a personal blog, running DAGMN is now a full time job.  We put in hundreds of hours each month reading, writing, and updating the website to bring you awesome content. Our goal was always to have a clean, easy to read site, which meant not filling it with ads and clutter that distract from our content and detract from the reader experience. Because of this, we only have a few subtle ad spots, that are clean and out of the way, and most of our reviews have affiliate links at the bottom. Clicking these links may earn us a small commission (at no extra cost to you) and helps to support our site and our family.

Will you review my Book or Product?

If you’d like to send us something to review, please fill out our Contact Form.  Please contact us before sending anything our way. We pride ourselves on honest, unbiased reviews. While we abide by Alexis’s long standing rule to always be kind in reviews and highlight positives, if we genuinely don’t like the book, we would rather not post a review than write a hurtful or negative one.

Can I advertise on DAGMN?

If you’d like to advertise with us, we have a few small advertising spaces as well as opportunities for sponsored posts.  Please be aware that all sponsored posts will be labeled as such, and will be honest and unbiased.  If we genuinely don’t like the book or product, we will send the product back to you and/or refund you.  To stay honest and unbiased, we won’t post about a product we don’t like just because of a sponsorship.




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