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Apparel Review: Introvert


Apparel Review: Introvert

This perfectly sums up my personality in one little graphic

Design: Introvert

Brand: Wicked Clothes

I stumbled across this shirt a while back and it was in my cart about as quickly as I read it. This perfectly sums up my personality in one little graphic. I am most definitely an introvert, but I have my extroverted moments. The style of this design is very comic-book power-word -esque. It looks as though it should say BAM! or POW! But instead it’s very opposite, and that makes me laugh. It’s a really fun shirt to wear.

It also happens to be really comfortable. The fabric is lightweight and stretchy. It’s a men’s medium and I managed to wear it even while very, very pregnant. The shirt sleeves are a good length, but I still roll them twice because I like the fit of a men’s shirt but the sleeve length of a women’s. (Also, I like the way it looks). The fabric color here is an ashy grey. It has little flecks of white and grey, so it isn’t a stark white shirt, but it’s not really grey either. It’s nice because it adds a little more texture than a plain white shirt, which I very rarely wear.


  • Unisex Cut
  • Tri-blend for an ultra-soft feel
  • Designed & printed in the USA


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