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Board Book Review: Shark Bite!

Shark Bite

Children's Books

Board Book Review: Shark Bite!

Well this just became our new favorite board book.

We received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Review Date: June 19th, 2019

Illustrated by Beatrice Costamagna


Cover Copy

Mark the shark is the scariest animal in the ocean—or so everyone thinks.

Kids will love this interactive board book with sliders that allows them to make the shark’s mouth take a big bite…or let out a big laugh!

Shark Bite


Well this just became our new favorite board book. I knew Maren would love the fact that the teeth actually chomp, but I forgot how much she loves it when we pretend bite her fingers. So we play this game where she builds up the nerve to put her fingers in his mouth and then CHOMP and then the giggling ensues and the game starts again. And even her older sister loves it (for the exact same reason) so it will definitely be one we read a LOT. And the fun doesn’t stop there! She has also figured out how to slide the teeth up and down (not by the pull tabs tho) so she will do that while making chomping motions with her mouth.

Aside from the novelty of the chomping, the book itself is cute. Essentially, the shark just seems mean because his teeth are scary, and he gets mad when someone pinches him which scares the other fish off him even more. But then something else makes him laugh and he doesn’t seem so scary anymore. It’s a good way to show that sometimes first appearances aren’t always to be trusted.

Shark Bite

Kid Ratings

  • Nom Resistance: 9/10
  • Slobber Resistance: 10/10
  • Baby Engagement: 10/10
  • Mommy Engagement: 10/10

Reader, Author, Bookstagrammer, and Mom; Alexis runs Nerdy Post, a fandom artwork box as well as serves as chief editor and writer on Drop and Give me Nerdy.

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