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Box Review: FairyLoot – Dragons

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Box Review: FairyLoot – Dragons

Although I am a US customer, I have made peace with my bank account over this box, because I have genuinely felt the extra price of shipping was worth it nearly every time.

Box Date: December 2018

Although I am a US customer, I have made peace with my bank account over Fairy Loot, because I have genuinely felt the extra price of shipping was worth it nearly every time. This box is always filled with books and references to books that are my majority favorite genres. I had recently done a Dragon theme for my own box, so I was really interested to see what they came up with for their own box (as most boxes work far ahead of what I tend to do, so it was likely we had been working on our boxes at the same time).

This is the box in all its glory. Everything that came inside is pictured here. I was really impressed that there were two books in this box. That always makes me happy when that happens. Especially when the secondary book was one I had already marked as one I wanted to get!

This dragon necklace is really cool. I love the shape and the color. I still can’t quite figure out which way the head is facing, but since you really have to be looking close to even wonder about that, it’s not a worrisome thing. This is definitely one I will want to wear, if I can keep my daughter from stealing it the moment she sees me wearing it! Plus… it glows in the dark!

This is a simple little pin banner, but it might actually be one I use. I like that it isn’t themed at all and lets you have creative freedom. It’s a nice little bonus item.

Fairyloot has just introduced a continuous collector’s Tarot Card set, very similar to what LitJoy is doing with their playing card deck series. The difference is that this is a Tarot set and the cards are much bigger. The artwork is gorgeous, but I’m going to be super honest; I’m really tired of seeing Maas characters. I have way more artwork of those characters than I need. I know everyone else is obsessed with those series, but I can only handle so much. That isn’t Fairyloot’s fault, however, so I won’t hold it against them here. They are being smart for their business and giving the majority of the people what they want.

So, this was the bonus book. But I have to say… I think I was more excited about this one than I was for the actual themed book. This is purely cover art related. I simple like this artwork better (it’s a bird thing. Birds always win for me). But like I said earlier, this was a book I had recently saved in my Books to Get file, so I was really glad to see it in my box! It’s actually an ARC, and won’t be out until July. The last time they sent us an ARC, it was for Furyborn, which got rave reviews! That bodes well for this one.

This is the second reading journal we have gotten in these boxes. I believe the time ran out for the first one, so this would replace that one. However, I have a very specific and particular way that I catalogue my reading, and I’ve been using the same notebook to do so since 2012. So reading journals are not very useful for me. Especially when they double as a planner and have specific dates set in them. That’s a guaranteed way for me never to use it. I have a planner already and I’m not about to ditch it for something I’m unfamiliar with. My whole schedule depends on the routine of that thing. I can’t risk it!

I love these little journals when I get them, though, and part of me wishes I could use them, but I know myself and if I tried I’d just end up logging both places and have two journals doing one job. That would be ridiculous. But at least there is artwork on each of the new month pages, so I can tear those out and use them in photos if I want. (Or just gift them to someone who would use the whole thing).

This addition to my fairy loot waterproof book sleeve collection features artwork by one of my very favorites: Sweet Sequels! I was excited to see this in the box, and will totally be using this a ton during our weekend trips to the pool this summer!

This was the book that the box was themed around. The book is signed and is a standalone, so no need to worry about adding another series to your shelves with this one. The artwork that accompanies it features the main character, I believe, and was created by Taratjah.

This print is double-sided. This first side shows my favorite characters from the Throne of Glass series: Manon and Abraxos!

This back side is Toothless, of course. You can’t have a dragon box without something Toothless related, right?! Right

Every box comes with a Fairyscoop newsletter thing, an art card with the spoilers written on the back, and a bookmark featuring a sliver of the artwork from said art card on one side and the theme and month on the back. I really enjoy these little details because the spoiler card is then something you don’t just ditch afterward, and the bookmarks are really pretty.

And finally, we have the magnetic bookmarks, which due to some mishap I can’t remember, had to come late.  The arrived on January 27th, so about a month late.  But I don’t mind.  They are really sturdy, nice quality magnetic bookmarks.  I can’t decide which is my favorite, but they are both really well done, artwork-wise.


Overall this was a great box! Lots of useful stuff and TWO books! So I’m definitely pleased!

Reader, Author, Bookstagrammer, and Mom; Alexis runs Nerdy Post, a fandom artwork box as well as serves as chief editor and writer on Drop and Give me Nerdy.

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