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Box Review: Tookish Candle Co – Kingkiller Box

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Box Review: Tookish Candle Co – Kingkiller Box

This story was fun, mysterious, and engaging — with a hint of the fantastical and the terrifying

Box Date: December 2018

I am newcomer to the world of Patrick Rothfuss, and yet I’m still waiting on the series to be finished because somehow there’s like a fiftieth anniversary edition of this sucker (Okay, I’m exaggerating. It’s a 10 year. But STILL) and the second one came out 8 years ago. So it’s a very George RR Martin scenario I’ve landed myself in. But I loved the first one and am holding off as long as I can with the second, so in the meantime, I get boxes like this to tide me over!

These boxes are simple and perfect. They come with two large candles featuring artwork created specifically for the labels (this time the artist is Daffodils and Ink) that are then also given to us as little 5×7 prints (sometimes with quotes, sometimes not) and a few little extras depending on the theme. This time around, we got a mini candle, a lapel pin, and a wooden bookmark, as well as the little quote card that comes in every candle purchase, I believe (the quotes differ, but they’re always in there). We had the option to upgrade to include this new thing she’s doing, which is fictional place beer glasses. Naturally, I upgraded.

This glass is really nice. The design is simple, but I don’t mind that. It has the right vote for that particular Inn. I love the shape of the glass itself, and unlike my weird quirk about never using mugs, I will likely use this one. For beer. I will just keep it in a different cupboard from the rest of the glasses so my husband never uses it. (If someone ever accidentally breaks it, I’d rather it be myself I’m mad at over it).

The first candle and art combo is the Edema Ruh candle, featuring a lovely abstract painting of what I can only imagine is a campfire int he woods, given that the scent is: Mulled Wine, Campfire, and Woods! This one is so lovely smelling. Something I love about this particular company is that I trust her scent profiles completely. I have never smelled a candle of hers that I didn’t love. This is no exception. I love the kick of spice you get from he mulled wine, while simultaneously getting that outdoors vibe. It’s a perfect representation for a nomadic tribe of entertainers!

The Archives. Opening this candle smells exactly like opening an old leather-bound book that has been recently polished, but still retains that old-page smell inside it. It remind me of my grandpa’s office, which happened to be the kicking off point of my own novel in the first draft like way too many years ago. In essence, this candle smells like the inspiration to my writing career. I will love it forever. The artwork accompanying this one features one of my favorite quotes from the book, and I love the lettering style!

This little candle is lavender scented, but not overly so. Which is good, because I tend to find lavender overpowering and off-putting. Which I suppose is a little odd, since most people use it to help with relaxation. I love that the label looks like a little note from Auri rather than a standard label, though I adore the label styles of TCC, so I would have been happy with it in its regular format as well! The artwork featured here is actually the spoiler card and another of my favorite quotes.


The lapel pin is a gorgeous design featuring a lute, created by In the Reads. The styling and quality is fantastic. Definitely a top pin I own.

This wooden bookmark was also created by In the Reads. The blue flame really pops well off the wood color, and this is another great quote to have included. In the box. The use of color and negative space with the quote itself is also well done.



Overall, I was pleased with this box. The big candles have amazing scents and the small one, despite being a scent I am not overly fond of, did not overpower. The rest of the goodies were fantastic as well, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!


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Reader, Author, Bookstagrammer, and Mom; Alexis runs Nerdy Post, a fandom artwork box as well as serves as chief editor and writer on Drop and Give me Nerdy.

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