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First Readers Book Review: Dragon Masters

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First Readers Book Review: Dragon Masters

I’d stop every chapter and ask if she wanted me to keep going and she emphatically told me yes every time.

Review Date: July 26th, 2019

Written By: Tracey West

Cover Copy

Drake never thought dragons were real. But he soon learns that dragons are real—and that he is a Dragon Master! The magic Dragon Stone has chosen Drake and three others—Ana, Rori, and Bo—to train dragons. Will Drake be able to connect with his dragon? Does he have what it takes to become a true Dragon Master?


I was mildly interested in this one when I bought it, and open but unsure as to whether I’d end up liking the book enough to get the rest of the series. Then we read it and Madeline and I were equally hooked! I’d stop every chapter and ask if she wanted me to keep going and she emphatically told me yes every time. Then I went on the hunt for the next few books. We read the second and third, and by then I knew we just needed the whole series because I was probably even more invested in these characters than Madeline! I’m having a blast reading these to her, and she hangs on every chapter. We are both looking forward to meeting all the new dragons and Dragon Masters in this series, and hope there’s many more!

What we love about these books is that while there is an overarching storyline that builds through each book, every book has a different dragon and kid that it focuses on. Our main character, Drake, opens the series with his dragon, Worm. Then we move to another of his new friends and her dragon, then another and his dragon, and so on, meanwhile sneakily introducing new riders and dragons we see later in the series. It’s really a great example of world building done well. I also really appreciate the diversity of the characters.

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