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First Readers Book Review: Tales of Sasha

Tales of Sasha

Children's Books

First Readers Book Review: Tales of Sasha

I knew by the cover alone that Madeline would love these books. The girl loves her some horses. Flying horses? Forget about it. She’s obsessed.

Review Date: August 2nd, 2019

Written By: Alexa Pearl
Illustrated By: Paco Sordo

Cover Copy

Meet Sasha, one very special horse who discovers that she can fly! With the help of her better-than-best friend Wyatt, Sasha sets out to find other flying horses like her. Join their adventures as they explore new places and make new friends!

4 books in 1!

Tales of Sasha


I knew by the cover alone that Madeline would love these books. The girl loves her some horses. Flying horses? Forget about it. She’s obsessed. So, of course, when we quickly devoured these first four books in the span of two nights, Madeline immediately requested more. She even pointed out just this morning that we do not own the next three books shown in the back of this edition and excuse me why don’t we have these ones, mom? Ha! So, we are very tempted to just go ahead and get this entire collection of stories the way I did for Dragon Masters.

In the case of these books, versus the Dragon Masters series, I feel like these books are more cohesive as a whole, whereas DM felt a bit more episodic. In that sense, it makes Tales of Sasha a bit easier to binge read, but a bit harder to pick up where you left off if you go a few days between books, especially for a kid new to holding a story that big in their head over several days.

While these books are highly entertaining for Madeline, and even I, the adult, am interested in what happens next, I am not as in love with these stories as I am with some of the other chapter books Madeline owns. This is simply because I feel some of the reasons for the character to do something aren’t quite natural feeling, and my brain starts to think of alternate ways those parts could be written to make it feel less forced. BUT this is coming from a writer who is naturally on the lookout for stuff like that. This is not likely to bother the majority of readers. It’s just something that, for me, and clearly not for my daughter who I got these books for, knocks it down a peg on my “favorite books to read to my kids” list I keep in my heart and head. That said, I’ve got like 10 Tales of Sasha books in my Amazon cart literally as I type this, so it doesn’t bother me overmuch! Haha

Tales of Sasha

Kid Ratings

  • Art-Word Ratio (word heavy | slightly more wordy | even | slightly more pictures | picture heavy): slightly more wordy
  • Mom eng: 8
  • Kid eng: 10

Reader, Author, Bookstagrammer, and Mom; Alexis runs Nerdy Post, a fandom artwork box as well as serves as chief editor and writer on Drop and Give me Nerdy.

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