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Picture Book Review: A Royal Ride

A Royal Ride

Children's Books

Picture Book Review: A Royal Ride

It made for a much more pleasant read that I have no doubt will be read often!

We received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Review Date: September 11th, 2019

Written By: Kristen Fulton
Illustrated By: Lucy Fleming

Cover Copy

Empress Catherine the Great, Queen of Russia, loved her country, especially the snowy winters. Giant ice slides meant daring drops and thrilling rides for all!

But every spring, warm weather melted the snow and the slides.

What could Catherine the Great do to ensure fun all year round?

With some ingenuity and some royal thinking, Catherine the Great would create her greatest invention!

A Royal Ride


If there’s one thing you can count on Madeline to love, it’s queen and princess themed anything. Then add a rollercoaster and it can only get better! This is such a fun story. We love getting to see how things were invented. Especially fun things like roller coasters! This is a history lesson done right. We learn about many things that Catherine the Great did before the first roller coaster was built, which I think makes her even more interesting to read about. Sometimes, with books about actual events, I get a little bored. But in this case, I didn’t. It wasn’t overwhelming, it stayed interesting, and didn’t try to hammer home a bunch of facts my four year old isn’t interested in. I really appreciate that. It made for a much more pleasant read that I have no doubt will be read often!

A Royal Ride

Kid Ratings

  • Font Readability: 10/10
  • Kid Engagement: 9/10
  • Mommy Engagement: 9/10

Reader, Author, Bookstagrammer, and Mom; Alexis runs Nerdy Post, a fandom artwork box as well as serves as chief editor and writer on Drop and Give me Nerdy.

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