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Picture Book Review: Skulls!


Children's Books

Picture Book Review: Skulls!

It strikes such a great balance between just plain fun to read and highly interesting learning

We received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Review Date: August 12th, 2019

Written By: Blair Thornburgh
Illustrated By: Scott Campbell

Cover Copy

You probably don’t think much about skulls. So what’s the big deal about them? Well, every head of every person you’ve ever seen has a skull inside. And that includes YOU!



Listen, I know I start a lot of reviews with “this book is adorable” but I can’t help it. There are a lot of adorable books out there. This is one of them. I love this book. It’s so much fun! It’s silly and yet informative. It strikes such a great balance between just plain fun to read and highly interesting learning. And what a great topic! Because there is definitely something inherently creepy about skulls. Perhaps it’s their role in Halloween decorations and being most often associated with skeletons/death. But in reality, they’re no scarier than a leg bone. And this book does a really great job of explaining why. It hits on exactly the things that could in fact make the skull scarier than the leg bone: holes. Holes like a face that isn’t there because it’s not a face anymore. Ahhh! But seriously, it de-creepifies skulls, which isn’t something I knew I needed in my life until I read this book.

There’s also a bonus section at the end of the book where we get cool facts about skulls, which I appreciate because they talk about how baby skulls aren’t as firm or formed as older skulls, so maybe just MAYBE Madeline will listen to the book if she won’t listen to us and back off her incessant need to tackle-hug her sister near hard surfaces. *fingers crossed*


Kid Ratings

  • Font Readability: 10/10
  • Kid Engagement: 10/10
  • Mommy Engagement: 10/10

Reader, Author, Bookstagrammer, and Mom; Alexis runs Nerdy Post, a fandom artwork box as well as serves as chief editor and writer on Drop and Give me Nerdy.

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