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Please, Mr Panda Plush Review

Please, Mr Panda


Please, Mr Panda Plush Review

I’m so glad that we got this one. I’d be missing out on some seriously cute memories without it.

Please, Mr Panda Plush

Merry Makers Inc

Please, Mr Panda


So, whenever I get a plush from Merry Makers, I always have to get the book if I didn’t have it before. With Please, Mr. Panda I knew that Maren would be excited about this adorable little bear because of her love for doughnuts and her current obsession with Word Party on Netflix. (Every time she sees a panda on our other books, she gets excited and yells Word Party. I expected that this would occur with this plush as well). What I didn’t expect was how into the book she got, and by association, the bear. She makes me read her this book on repeat and we have the bear by our side because she insists on taking “bites” of the doughnut every page the Panda offers his box of doughnuts. It’s highly entertaining! He is going to be a very loved bear. Thankfully, the doughnut is made of sturdy stuff and is well attached to his paw or I might worry about it falling apart from all the wear and tear her little teeth are attempting to cause! We love having the character of whatever book we are reading within hugging distance, so I’m so glad that we got this one. I’d be missing out on some seriously cute memories without it. This story is adorable (and useful. I’ve been using the “nope I changed my mind” every time Maren’s older sister demands something instead of asking for it) and having the bear along for the read is, in my household, the only way to enjoy this book to its fullest!

Please, Mr Panda


This one is a particularly soft little bear. I find myself petting him absently as I read because he’s just so fluffy-soft. He is also nice and round and squishable for maximum baby hugs. The doughnut, much like the tacos on our Dragons Love Tacos dragons (also from MerryMakers), is sewn on tight so I don’t have to worry about separate pieces coming off and getting lost.

Reader, Author, Bookstagrammer, and Mom; Alexis runs Nerdy Post, a fandom artwork box as well as serves as chief editor and writer on Drop and Give me Nerdy.

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Please, Mr Panda
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