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Stranger Things Funko Pop Collection

Stranger Things Funko Pop


Stranger Things Funko Pop Collection

I will not overpay (much) for a Funko Pop. I’ve missed out on some good ones because of this, but then, I’ve also been able to pay for daycare, so… it evens out

Stranger Things Funko Pop Collection

When it comes to collecting Funko Pops, I have a few loose rules. The first is that I will not overpay (much) for a Funko Pop. I’ve missed out on some good ones because of this, but then, I’ve also been able to pay for daycare, so… it evens out. The second is that I don’t collect multiples with variations. So, I don’t have all 40 versions of Harry Potter, for example (or however many they have now), but if Funko comes out with some new awesome version of one I already have, I’m not going to deny myself either. And the third is that I don’t have to have a complete set. If I’m meh about a character, then I don’t need it just because it’s part of the series. (This rule comes in handy to console myself when I miss out on rare pops, thanks to rule one).

(L: Season 2 Funko Pop, R: Chase Funko Pop)

The exception to rule two in this collection is my Eleven Funko Pops. For a probably weird reason, I didn’t want the non-chase version of the original Eleven: her face was dirty. I knew why they did it, but I felt it would look as though I hadn’t cleaned it. So when I saw the chase Eleven for sale at a reasonable price (rule one) I jumped on it. But then Season 2 rolled around and this new Eleven BoxLunch exclusive came out and she just looked too badass. So I broke rule two and got her as well. There are many other versions of her that I don’t have, but two versions of her was borderline excessive to me, so naturally I don’t have the others.

(L: Demogorgon, R: Dart)

The full-grown Demogorgon (or flower-head, as I call it when talking to my daughter, so she won’t be afraid of it) and Dart are really cool pops. These are both the non-chase versions, which I actually prefer, because I like seeing all the teeth. (The chase versions have the “petals” closed) I only wish I also had baby dart, which came as a set with Dustin as a Hot Topic exclusive, who I already own, to complete this Demogorgon grouping.

(L: Nancy, R: Jonathan)

These Nancy and Jonathan pops are pretty standard. There haven’t been any chase or alternate versions for either of these. You’d think I’d have Barb in this grouping, but I gotta be honest, I just don’t get the hype around her. So I haven’t even bothered to get her.

(L: Dustin, R: Steve)

There have been multiples of both of these characters. I missed out on the 2017 SDCC Steve with the nail bat, which was a bummer at the time, so I was really excited to get him with the sunglasses. I actually prefer this one, so it worked out. With Dustin, I had the original with the blue jacket and then traded it out for this Barnes and Noble Exclusive with the brown jacket, which I liked better.

(L: Hopper, R: Joyce)

Hopper has seen more incarnations than Joyce, but I still prefer the originals. This particular Hopper has a chase variant without the hat, but you’ve gotta have the hat! So I’m glad I got this version. I think the Joyce with her hands on her hips would probably stand up without the plastic disc, which I like, but her with the ball of lights is more iconic than the other version, which is why I’ve never replaced it.

(L: Lucas, R: Max)

The Lucas pictured here is the original. So is Max. They don’t have many variants yet. But I’m sure that will change with a season 3 wave as the characters have even more time to develop.

(L: Mike, M: Mr. Clarke, R: Will)

Both Mike and Will have other versions available, though I find myself still preferring them in these forms. There is only one Mr, Clarke, however, because he is a 2017 SDCC exclusive. I remember having some trouble getting him, but can’t remember who managed to help me out. I loved this scene he is representing here, so I had to have him.

Stranger Things Funko Pop

(L: Bob, R: Brenner)

As much as some people seem to love Barb, I love Bob even more than that. Perhaps this is due to my love of Samwise, and thus there is some favoritism for the actor, but I don’t care. As for Brenner.. well, I guess I have a fourth rule: buy the villains, too!

I’m really pleased with my Stranger Things Funko Pop collection. I know I’m missing a few, but they were characters I just didn’t have a lasting impression from, or they were variants on what I already owned.

Reader, Author, Bookstagrammer, and Mom; Alexis runs Nerdy Post, a fandom artwork box as well as serves as chief editor and writer on Drop and Give me Nerdy.

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